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Who's Behind Rocking Your Imperfect?

Lucy and Roxy are Rocking Your Imperfect!

One day long long ago, over a wine or two... Lucy was telling Roxy that she wasn't happy... 
"I'm frustrated because I know I have an amazing course, jam-packed with all my unique techniques that I've developed over 9 years working with women...frustrated because my techniques and methods are causing such a stir in the hypnotherapy world... frustrated because they create *real* change for women at a cellular level that sticks!..." 
"Huh?!... That doesn't make sense! You are bringing a course to women that really works! You are changing their lives! They come to you with their problems.. some are feeling like door mats, like they have been ignored and taken for granted for years...some of them come with addictions..some of them come to save their marriages, or to get the confidence and support to walk out of one...some of them are coming to you with feelings of self harm, or unhealthy habits like smoking, or stealing... some of them are coming because they are just feeling like they have lost themselves in the nappies and mummy taxi services that have taken over their lives... And YOU are giving them a way to embrace all of that and make changes that moves them through the shit that gets in the way! You are giving women hope! You are literally changing their lives for the better so they can start to really love themselves and make healthy choices that are right for them! So why are you frustrated?!"
"Because Roxy... there is only one of me!!"
And so it began... the birth of the online version of Lucy's course that has changed the life of thousands of women.

So...What Exactly Is Rocking Your Imperfect?
Flagship Course: 
Features 90 days of Continuous Online Sessions and Support so That You Can Change Your Mindset at a Cellular Level
You get your own small special little group, ladies that you will bond with, ladies that you will grow to love like Sistas over the 90 days (actually by week 2 you will probably be wanting to move in together... You skip 20 years and go straight to the deep, real and raw relationship that is full of total acceptance and understanding). 

Short-Courses for Women Only:
- Love Letters To Your Cellulite
- Anxiety - It's Time To Face It
- Self-confidence - Wake Up To Your Awesome
- Depression (including post natal)
Repair Your Relationships
- Wake Up To Your Shit Hot Powers
- Kick Your Habits To The Kerb
- Jumping into Life After DV
- and many more... 

Corporate Enquiries Welcome - Tailor Made Programs For Female Leaders/Managers and Employees Available

The difference between Lucy's hypnotherapy and others?? Her unique blend of hypno, creative, counselling and Lucy love! You won't find anything like it anywhere else - and the results are guaranteed! 

The totally unique part is that Lucy will not take large groups - you will always get personalised service because she refuses to allow her Sista Circles to be big. Everyone is treated as an individual and you are always heard and given the hand holding attention that you deserve in every Sista Circle.

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Rocking Your Imperfect

35 Gordon St.

Hamilton NSW 2303


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